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Our Products

Business Management Software

Our business management software incorporates the complete cycle of any business that provides credit, products or services on terms. Our solutions are secure, agile, and enables you to choose the most convenient manner of interacting with your customer-base.

Providing Credit

You can manage the full administration cycle of instalment loans, payday loans, or payroll loans.

Payment Collection

Collect payments with the greatest of ease, like membership fees or rent, using NAEDO debits or online payment solutions.

Providing Services

Let our team help you implement our software and see how easy it is for you to seamlessly manage and accept term payments for the services you offer your clients.

Theme Studio

Choose from our stunning range of fully integrated templates to create your own bespoke website.

We strive to automate a wide variety of complicated standalone processes, including:

Legal Agreements

We oversee the facilitation of compliant credit, repayment, and service agreements between your business and your clients.

Credit Vetting

We offer completely secure and authentic credit scoring, vetting, and new customer acquisition processes.

API Developers

Our API developers are at your disposal to help you fully integrate our software solutions with your existing website.

Business Management

Conveniently track expenses, analyse your business profit, and view dozens of other reports from wherever you are, at any time.

Pay Date Management

Through our pay date management you will enjoy effective employer pay-date management processes in order to increase collection success.

Credit Bureaus

When you partner with ACPAS, you benefit from automatic data submission to different credit bureaus, including updates to your consumer profiles.

Ability To Repay

Our software automatically and accurately assesses your borrowers' ability to repay.

SMS Notification

With our two-way texting functionality you will be able to communicate more effectively with your customers.

Email Notification

Keep your clients up to date on all notification and account movements through our email notification system.

NAEDO Transactions

We allow for NAEDO transactions, which means that your business can process large volumes of debit transactions in batches and in real time.

AEDO Transactions

We allow for AEDO transactions which enables your business to accept and schedule card payments.

PayPal Payments

Our solutions also include PayPal payments, which is used for secure, online payments in apps and in-store in over 200 countries around the world.

Email Invoices

Conveniently and professionally schedule and email invoices automatically and accept payments online.

Bespoke Website

Help your clients navigate their way to getting the financial assistance they need by choosing from our variety of fully integrated templates and personalising it for your business and your market.

Arrears Management

With our arrears management functionality you can take control of unpaid invoices and instalments in a professional and effective manner.

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